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Warrior is the second book in the Hythrun Chronicles

Marla Wolfblade is effectively ruling Hythria in her brother's name. And ruling it well. The country is stable, there is peace and prosperity and even her nemesis, Alija Eaglespike, High Arrion of the Sorcerers' Collective, appears to have given up on her attempts to have her own husband elevated to the throne.

But the surface calm belies the turmoil underneath. Marla has more immediate problems to deal with. She must decide who will be given the honour of fostering her son, Damin, arrange marriages for her stepchildren, and find something useful to do with her fractious and rebellious daughter, Kalan.

The problems really start, however, when she brings into the family the orphaned daughter of her third husband, Luciena Mariner, who has secretly been primed by Alija Eaglespike to kill her son, Damin Wolfblade, the first chance she gets.

Meanwhile, Brakandaran the Halfbreed arrives in Krakandar, demanding Wrayan Lightfinger help him rescue a child with magical ability from Fardohnya, in order to make up for a dreadful crime he has committed but which he refuses to discuss.

And in Fardohnya, King Hablet waits for his opportunity to put an end to the Wolfblade line and will use anything, including all out war, to achieve his goal.

But the real danger to Marla lies in the very heart of her family and the person she trusts the most will eventually betray her.

Against a background of treachery and the peril of the plague, Warrior follows the fates of Marla and her children, Wrayan Lightfinger, and Elezaar the Dwarf as the High Prince's heir grows to manhood and is forced to confront his destiny.

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