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Warlord is the third and final book of the Hythrun Chronicles

Marla Wolfblade's world has been shattered by the death of both her beloved court'esa and her husband. But as she plans to take her revenge against Alija Eaglespike, the woman who forced Elezaar to betray her, a foolish deal she made years ago with the Assassins' Guild comes back to haunt her . Marla suddenly finds herself facing a new adversary in the dangerous and enigmatic assassin, Galon Miar, who may or may not be on her side.

Meanwhile, Fardohnya is massing for an invasion of plague-ravaged Hythria and Damin Wolfblade must find a way to defeat the countless Fardohnyans with a much smaller army, his hands tied by tradition, politics and his foolish uncle, the High Prince of Hythria, who decides to lead the army to victory himself.

But even if they survive the Fardohnyan invasion, back in Krakandar, Mahkas has sealed the city against his nephew's return and Starros wakes up to discover his soul has been sold to the God of Thieves to save his life.

It will take another tragedy, even more heartbreaking than the death of his beloved Leila, and a theft on an unprecedented scale, before Krakandar will be free of Mahkas Damaran's insanity, and Damin Wolfblade can finally take his rightful place as Warlord.

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