Tide Magic Edit

Tide magic is an elemental force that can be tapped by those posessing the blood of a tide lord at varying degrees.

Magic Wielders and Immortals

Name Mortalily Magic

Declan Hawkes

Tide Lord (Immortal) Extremely Powerful
Arkady Desean Tide Lord (Immortal) Unknown
Tryan (The Devil) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful
Elyssa (The Maiden) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful
Cayal (The Immortal Prince) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful
Jaxyn (The Lord of Temperance) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful
Brynden (The Lord of Reckoning) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful
Pellys (The Recluse) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful/Undirected
Maralyce (The Seeker) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful/Not Specified
Lukys (The Scholar) Tide Lord (Immortal) Extremely Powerful
Kentroyven (The Sleeper) Tide Lord (Immortal) Powerful

Arryl (The High Priestess)

[The Sorceress in the Tide Lords Tarot]

Immortal Limited/healing

Diala (The Minion Maker)

[The High Priestess in the Tide Lords Tarot]

Immortal Limited/lust
Syrolee (Empress of the Five Realms) Immortal Weak
Engarhod (Emperor of the Five Realms) Immortal Unknown
Kinta (The Charioteer) Immortal Limited
Rance (The Hanging Man) Immortal Unknown
Krydence (The Judge) Immortal Unknown
Taryx (The Warrior) Immortal Limited/All forms of Water
Medwen (The Artisan) Immortal Limited
Ambria (The Mother) Immortal Limited
Lyna (The Betrayer) Immortal Limited
Shalimar Mortal Unknown
Fliss Mortal Powerful


Through the use of the tide, a wielder of it, particularly a full-powered tide lord, can use tide magic to effect anything, in any way they want, within the confines of the laws of physics.


Use of the tide can cause one to become insane, but always leaves the user charged and edgy.

It also cannot be used on ones self, as that would be like pouring water into the same cup that is pouring it.