is the second book in The Tide Lords series.

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'the Tide Lords are returning and that means every man, woman and child are in danger...'

Arkady is exiled to the repressive Torlenian Captital where she makes some unexpected friends and some powerful enemies, all of whom seem bent on using her to wreak venegance on each other.

Things are not going smothly for Declan Hawkes, the Kings Spymaster, either and not just because Empress of the Five Realms has turned up in Caelum with her family, Jaxyn Aranville is determinded to quash any opposition to his plans for the Glaeban throne and Arkady's husband, the Duke of Lebec, is in his way.

And in the Stark deserts of Torlenia, a meeting between two powerful Tide Lords could put to rest eight thousand years of enmity ... or not ...