Laran Krakenshield was the newly appointed Warlord of Krakandar Province in Hythria when the first book in the Wolfblade Trilogy (Wolfblade) begins. He, with the help of his mother, Jeryma, dying step-father Glenadal Ravespear, Uncle and High Arrion, Kagan Palenovar, his friend Nashan Hawksword (Marla's second husband), kidnap the High Prince, Lernen Wolfblade's, little sister the Princess Marla Wolfblade. He became the Warlord of Krakandar and Sunrise Provinces to ensure that he could protecte Marla and Hythria from King Hablet of Fardohnya from whom he stole Marla. He is best known for being the Father of the wonderful High Prince Damin Woflblade but he was a great man himself.

In the book Wolfblade, we watch as his youngest sister Riika Ravenspear is kidnapped by the Fardohnyans and then killed because she is not Marla. Then his other sister, Darilyn Taranger is murdered by their brother Mahkas, with whom she arranged the kidnapping of Riika by the Fardohnyans. Laran Krakenshield died in a cattle raid across the border in Medalon through the direct inaction of his bastard of a half-brother Mahkas Damaran.