Jennifer Fallon is a Australian fantasy/ science fiction author. She is also a businesswoman, trainer and business consultant. Her residence is in Alice Springs, Australia.

Biography Edit

Jennifer Fallon has written eleven books across four trilogies, all published by Voyager Books in Australia. She is also published by Tor and Random House in the US, Orbit in the UK, ACT in Russia and Heyne in Germany. Jennifer Fallon has also co-authored a tie-in novel, Stargate SG1: Roswell, with Sonny Whitelaw.

Works Edit

The Demon Child Trilogy Edit

Cover Title Year ISBN

Medalon 2000 ISBN 0732264774 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Medalon

Treason Keep 2001 ISBN 0732266211 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Treason Keep

Harshini 2001 ISBN 0732266130 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Harshini

The Second Sons Trilogy Edit

Cover Title Year ISBN

The Lion of Senet 2002 ISBN 0732275121 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of The Lion of Senet

Eye of the Labyrinth 2003 ISBN 073227513X (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Eye of the Labyrinth

Lord of the Shadows 2003 ISBN 0732275148 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Lord of the Shadows

The Hythrun Chronicles Edit

Cover Title Year ISBN

Wolfblade 2004 ISBN 0732278902 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Wolfblade

Warrior 2004 ISBN 0732278910 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Warrior

Warlord 2005 ISBN 0732278929 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of Warlord

The Tide Lords Edit

Cover Title Year ISBN

The Immortal Prince 21 February 2007 ISBN 0732283353 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of The Immortal Prince

Gods of Amyrantha 1 September 2007 ISBN 0732283361 (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of The Gods of Amyrantha

The Palace of Impossible Dreams estimated late Feb 2008 (Australian Release) ISBN Unknown (AUS paperback) 

—Book cover of The Palace of Impossible Dreams

The Chaos Crystal possibly November 2008  

Coming Soon

Notes Edit

In the US and Canada, The Demon Child and Hythrun Chronicles have been marketed under the same series, The Hythrun Chronicles.