Arkady Desean is the daughter of a doctor and a protagonist in the Tide Lord series. She is the source of almost everyone's problems. Her breathtaking beauty, fierce intelligence and just plain flawlessness draw almost every man from a 100 mile radius. She is absolutely not vain however and tries to downplay her looks. Her troubled childhood also plays a part in who she is. You see as a child she was blackmailed by her father's mistake of helping Crasii (a breed of half-human, half-animal creatures) and was repeatedly raped. Which is where she developed her fear of intimacy with the opposite sex. But of course she was doing this for her father, who she would walk through fire for. Though in the end her father ended up getting in prison anyway. She marries a rich, homosexual who also happens to be the Duke Of Lebec, in order to grant her father freedom. Though he died before the pardon could be delivered(or so Arkady thought). This marriage caused a rift with her, childhood friend Declan Hawkes, an attractive, mysterious, dark man (who has loved Arkady from the moment he met her).

The moment Arkady is sent to prison to interrogate the man who didn't die when he was hanged, everything in her life changes. She spends a lot of time with the man, who claims to be the Immortal Prince; a Tide Lord called Cayal. Arkady believes in science and is skeptical of Cayal's tales. She is however impressed with his ability to lie and decides to listen to his story. More and more Arkady starts to doubt whether the man is really lying.